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Publishing on Android

I have just published my first application on the Android platform. My game, Clowntraptions, was built in Unity, and therefore I could easily port it to Android even though it was designed for Windows Phone and Windows 8 primarily.

The main issue I had with Android was dealing with different screen sizes and resolutions, because on the Android platform there are so many different devices with very little standardisation. Compare this to Windows Phone, where you can build for a single screen resolution. Luckily, I had the skeleton of a screen resolution adjustment in the game in order to handle Windows 8.1’s varying screen shape. I built from there to allow for any common screen resolution.

One weird limitation that the Android Play Store has is that you can’t change an app from free to paid or vice versa. Once an app is set as free it must always remain free, and once set as paid it must always stay paid. Because of this I ultimately published two versions of my game, a free one and a paid one. Of course on Windows platforms there is free trial functionality to incorporate this into a single app.

For the most part the game ported easily. I simply had to add a few lines of code here and there to replicate some of the custom code that I had used for Windows.

The Android developer console is very nice, probably better than the Windows ones, as it is laid out more logically. The Windows Dev Centers are poorly designed, but are improving over time.

Anyway, here’s the link (to the FREE version, you can upgrade from inside the game if you want):

Clowntraptions for Android



Paid (99c)


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