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Troubleshooting UWP Unity Games Publishing

I’m working on a Unity game intended to be published to the Windows Store as a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, and I came upon a couple of issues that were difficult to find answers for when it came to publishing a beta to the store.

One of the symptoms of these errors is an error message in Visual Studio saying your game uses APIs that are not valid for store apps.

Problem #1: Master Build Config

In order to pass the WACK test and publish a UWP package to the store, your app package must be built in Master configuration:

You will of course have to select Yes when asked if you want to build a package to upload to the store. When building the package, double-check that the Master config is selected:

Tip: Master build takes a LONG time. If your package builds quickly, it’s a sign that you have not selected Master build.

Problem #2: Unity Build Options

When you build your UWP project, you have two options: Build and Build and Run.

Build and Run is great – it lets you quickly build and deploy the game to run instantly on you computer or connected device. But when you use Build and Run, you can’t actually deploy that version of your game to the Windows Store! This is because it’s a side-loadable version of your application.

So make sure to use the Build option to output your UWP solution if you intend to upload it to the store.

It should also go without saying that you should check the other options to confirm they are correct, such as the SDK version and target device(s).

While troubleshooting my issues with this, I found countless other people with the same issues, so hopefully this saves you time when building Unity games for the Windows Store.

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