Developing for Modern Windows

Tips, tricks, and guides for developing on modern Windows platforms


Troubleshooting UWP Unity Games Publishing

I’m working on a Unity game intended to be published to the Windows Store as a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, and I came upon a couple of issues that were difficult to find answers for when it came to… Continue Reading →

Unity Scripting Primer Part 3 – Collissions and Triggers

Following on from Part 2, where we looked at the common Unity MonoBehaviour methods like Update() and OnEnable(), in Part 3 we will look at the MonoBehaviour methods that deal with physics collisions. These methods make common physics behaviours easy… Continue Reading →

Publishing on Android

I have just published my first application on the Android platform. My game, Clowntraptions, was built in Unity, and therefore I could easily port it to Android even though it was designed for Windows Phone and Windows 8 primarily. The… Continue Reading →

Unity Scripting Primer Part 2 – MonoBehaviour methods

In Part 1 I covered public variables in Unity scripts. In Part 2 I¬†will talk about MonoBehaviour methods. Unity scripts by default¬†inherit MonoBehavior, and therefore implement many standard Unity methods, which give great, automatic functionality. When a script inherits MonoBehavior,… Continue Reading →