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Live Tiles

Use Secondary Tiles to Modify App Launch [UWP]

Modern Windows apps are famous for their live tiles, but most apps don’t take full advantage of the available functionality. One great piece of live tile functionality is ‘secondary tiles’. Secondary tiles are lives tiles your app can pin in… Continue Reading →

XAML to Live Tile in UWP Apps

In this article I’ll show you how to create an image from a XAML user control, and then set that image as the app’s live tile. For this example, I’ll update the wide and medium tiles, but you can adapt… Continue Reading →

Creating Dynamic Live Tiles from UI Controls (Windows 8.1)

Windows Store apps can show dynamic information to users via live tiles, but the standard tile templates can be limiting if you  want to achieve something more stylised to suit your project. This tutorial explains how to build your own… Continue Reading →