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UWP on XBox Tips and Tricks Part 2

In the last couple of days I’ve been deep into porting an app to work on the XBox One. I made a post with a bunch of XBox UWP tips, but in the time since then I’ve discovered a few more… Continue Reading →

UWP on XBox Tips and Tricks

By now you will be aware that Microsoft is now allowing UWP apps into the XBox One store. As great as UWP is, you still need to do some work to get an app working well on the XBox console…. Continue Reading →

Detect when a UWP App Loses or Gains Focus or Visibility

If you want your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app to do something special when the app loses or gains focus (such as pausing and resuming video playback), you’ll need to detect changes in app focus. You may similarly want to… Continue Reading →

Use Secondary Tiles to Modify App Launch [UWP]

Modern Windows apps are famous for their live tiles, but most apps don’t take full advantage of the available functionality. One great piece of live tile functionality is ‘secondary tiles’. Secondary tiles are lives tiles your app can pin in… Continue Reading →