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Get a Street Address from GPS Co-ordinates (WinRT 8.1 Universal)

When you use location services you usually need to convert between raw location data (GPS position) and a real-world street address. In this article I’ll show you how to do just that, and in a follow-up post I’ll do the… Continue Reading →

‘Object reference not set to an instance of an object’ Error in WinRT Data Binding

¬† My current project was plagued with the above error on every XAML page and control, and my design-time data binding had stopped working entirely. My¬†DesignTimeData class seemed correct (at first glance), but the error was saying something in my… Continue Reading →

Serializing Sub-Classes in XML

I recently came upon a problem when serializing a class to XML using my standard serializing technique. It wouldn’t serialize a list of Vehicle objects: List<Vehicle> vehiclesList { get; set; } This gave an error message like this: ¬† Unfortunately… Continue Reading →

Tip: Place Code before InitializeComponent

Did you know you can place code before the InitializeComponent line in a Windows app? Usually it’s taken for granted that an app page constructor does this: public MainPage() { this.InitializeComponent(); // your code goes here } this.InitializeComponent(); is what… Continue Reading →