Developing for Modern Windows

Tips, tricks, and guides for developing on modern Windows platforms


XAML to Live Tile in UWP Apps

In this article I’ll show you how to create an image from a XAML user control, and then set that image as the app’s live tile. For this example, I’ll update the wide and medium tiles, but you can adapt… Continue Reading →

Use a Single Handler for Multiple Buttons

This quick tip is for beginners, and works for any version of Windows modern apps (though the code might differ slightly in previous versions – this code is specifically for Windows 10 UWP apps). In my early projects I found… Continue Reading →

Multi-Branded Apps in Visual Studio (Windows 10 UWP)

Follow the techniques in this article to build multiple branded apps (e.g. several sports apps for different teams) from a┬ásingle Visual Studio solution. What will we Do? In this tutorial I’ll show you three techniques for creating a multi-branded app… Continue Reading →

Get a GPS Location from an Address String (WinRT 8.1 Universal)

In a Windows Universal 8.1 app it’s easy to find the GPS co-ordinates of a text address. This is a follow-up to my previous post where I showed how to get the text address for a GPS location. How Does… Continue Reading →