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Unity Scripting Primer Part 3 – Collissions and Triggers

Following on from Part 2, where we looked at the common Unity MonoBehaviour methods like Update() and OnEnable(), in Part 3 we will look at the MonoBehaviour methods that deal with physics collisions. These methods make common physics behaviours easy… Continue Reading →

Unity Scripting Primer Part 2 – MonoBehaviour methods

In Part 1 I covered public variables in Unity scripts. In Part 2 I will talk about MonoBehaviour methods. Unity scripts by default inherit MonoBehavior, and therefore implement many standard Unity methods, which give great, automatic functionality. When a script inherits MonoBehavior,… Continue Reading →

Unity Scripting Primer Part 1 – Public Variables

We’ve all asked for help online and been given a succinct answer that, while probably 100% accurate, wasn’t any help at all because the helper assumed we knew something we didn’t. So frustrating! In these posts I’ll cover the most simple,… Continue Reading →

Handling the Windows Phone 8 Back Button in Unity

Windows Phone apps must support the hardware back button. This button gives the user control of their phone, such as easily returning to the previous screen or exiting an application. Since Unity is cross-platform, there is no specific command to… Continue Reading →