Developing for Modern Windows

Tips, tricks, and guides for developing on modern Windows platforms


Quick Tip: Run-on TextBlock in XAML (Universal Apps)

When you want to bind some data to a textblock, you do so like this: <TextBlock Text="{Binding MyTextProperty}"/>   And, having set MyTextProperty in my data model to “hello world”, I get this: But what if you want to format… Continue Reading →

Use Partial Classes to Share More Code in Universal Apps

Windows universal apps work across different Windows platforms. A universal app solution includes three projects – one for Windows Phone, one for Windows Store (desktops, laptops, and tablets – and various hybrids), and a shared project. Files in the shared… Continue Reading →

Tip: Access Resources in a Universal App’s Shared Project

When accessing shared resources via XAML in a universal Windows app, you must specify their location. You normally reference resources by folder name: <ResourceDictionary Source="/MyUniversaldResourceDictionary.xaml"/> <TextBlock FontFamily="/Assets/Fonts/elegant_ink.ttf#Elegant Ink" /> In a universal app when you reference resources in the universal project from the other… Continue Reading →

Windows 8.1 Universal App Hello World (C#)

“Hello World” is a programming staple used to introduce the fundamentals. If you’re new to programming, or to WinRT development, follow this tutorial to create a basic app that displays a “Hello World” message, and works on both Windows Phone 8.1 and… Continue Reading →