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Windows Phone

Issues Running Phone Emulator on Compressed or Encrypted Drives

I have recently had the following error when trying to debug my apps on the Windows phone emulators: The error tells you what the problem is: “The emulator is unable to create a differencing disk”, and gives you the first… Continue Reading →

Use a Single Handler for Multiple Buttons

This quick tip is for beginners, and works for any version of Windows modern apps (though the code might differ slightly in previous versions – this code is specifically for Windows 10 UWP apps). In my early projects I found… Continue Reading →

Get a GPS Location from an Address String (WinRT 8.1 Universal)

In a Windows Universal 8.1 app it’s easy to find the GPS co-ordinates of a text address. This is a follow-up to my previous post where I showed how to get the text address for a GPS location. How Does… Continue Reading →

Get a Street Address from GPS Co-ordinates (WinRT 8.1 Universal)

When you use location services you usually need to convert between raw location data (GPS position) and a real-world street address. In this article I’ll show you how to do just that, and in a follow-up post I’ll do the… Continue Reading →