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Use Secondary Tiles to Modify App Launch [UWP]

Modern Windows apps are famous for their live tiles, but most apps don’t take full advantage of the available functionality. One great piece of live tile functionality is ‘secondary tiles’. Secondary tiles are lives tiles your app can pin in… Continue Reading →

Issues Running Phone Emulator on Compressed or Encrypted Drives

I have recently had the following error when trying to debug my apps on the Windows phone emulators: The error tells you what the problem is: “The emulator is unable to create a differencing disk”, and gives you the first… Continue Reading →

Open your App with a File Association (Windows 10 UWP)

When you double-click an .mp3 file you expect your music player to play the song; when you double-click an .xls file you expect Excel to open the spreadsheet. Wouldn’t it be cool to do this in your own Universal Windows… Continue Reading →

Get your app’s version from the package

Here’s a quick tip to get your app’s version number directly from the package. You can then display the current version number in your UI or put it in debug logs, and you can use the actual package version as a… Continue Reading →