Mouse Dreams – Coming Soon!

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Mouse Dreams is a puzzle game with platform elements for all ages.

Wanna play the beta?

You can be one of the first to play Mouse Dreams by signing up for the beta test version of the game on Windows 10 (PC, mobile, or tablet) or Android (phone/tablet)!

Apply for a beta invite

Fill in the form with your email address and whether you’d like Android or Windows beta access.

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Note: the Windows 10 version does not work on Windows versions prior to Windows 10 or the Xbox One.

Note: You must have a Google Play account / Gmail to get the Android beta. Also note that due to the sheer variety of Android devices, the game may not work on some devices. Please get in touch if you have any compatibility issues and we will look into it. Click Contact at the top of the page to get in touch.

Privacy and Other Details

Your email address is used only for the purposes of the beta test, and is not shared with any other party whatsoever. Please refer to for our full privacy policy.

There are no conditions to the beta, but we’d appreciate feedback and reports of any bugs or issues you encounter. All feedback is appreciated. If you enjoy the game, let your friends and family know about it!

The beta game is not quite finished, and there are a few things you should be aware of before playing:

  1. Gamepad input does not work correctly in the menu screens in the Windows 10 version. This is a known bug that will be fixed.
  2. Some graphics and sound effects are incomplete.
  3. Menus are not complete.
  4. Music tracks suddenly change between different levels. This is a known issue and is being fixed shortly.
  5. The beta version may be updated periodically. Please allow any updates so you can test the latest version of the game.
  6. Some content may be locked out of the beta version.
  7. Achievements may be broken by changes to the game (e.g. if levels are changed around). Resetting the game will reset the achievements if this bothers you.
  8. The gameplay hints in the early levels can show the wrong controls if you switch from one input method to another while playing.

Some things we’d especially like feedback on:

  1. Which levels are too hard/too easy/appear too early or too late in the game (note: house 1 is supposed to be super easy).
  2. Are there any times the game feels unfair or frustrating?
  3. How does the game run on your device?
  4. Are the touch controls working well for you?
  5. Are the instructions on the early levels clear enough (especially for younger players)?