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BitmapIcon – Use an Image Like an Icon

In Universal Windows Platform Apps you can use BitmapIcon to treat an image as if it’s an icon/text. In my current project I use this feature to colour some white images with transparent backgrounds to match my app’s changeable theme… Continue Reading →

Making Buttons with Style

The built-in Windows app XAML controls are great, but sometimes you need something more stylish. XAML styles to the rescue! Those two pink buttons have all the same properties, but one is the default style and the other is a custom style. They look completely… Continue Reading →

StateTrigger and RelativePanel in Windows 10

I came across a great blog post by Kevin Gosse about some new controls in the Windows 10 SDK. StateTrigger and RelativePanel look like great additions to the developer’s toolbox. StateTrigger simplifies visual states by adding in-line conditions and more… Continue Reading →

Quick Tip: Run-on TextBlock in XAML (Universal Apps)

When you want to bind some data to a textblock, you do so like this: <TextBlock Text="{Binding MyTextProperty}"/>   And, having set MyTextProperty in my data model to “hello world”, I get this: But what if you want to format… Continue Reading →