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Beware of Class/Namespace Duplication in Unity Windows Games

I recently had some trouble building the Windows Store version of my upcoming game, Clowntraptions. I was getting the bizarre error below: ‘Window’ is a standard class in WinRT (Windows.UI.Xaml.Window), and this error was troubling! I couldn’t build the project… Continue Reading →

Detecting when the On-screen Keyboard is Active

When your Windows 8/8.1 app is running on a tablet and accepting keyboard input there is a fair chance that the software on-screen keyboard is being used. This is all well and good, except that the on-screen keyboard can take up a… Continue Reading →

Adjust your Windows 8.1 App’s Layout when the Screen Size Changes

Windows 8.1 has a new model for how much screen real estate apps can use. In Windows 8.0 your app could be in one of four states (landscape full screen, landscape ‘filled’, landscape snapped, and portrait full screen). In Windows… Continue Reading →