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XAML to Live Tile in UWP Apps

In this article I’ll show you how to create an image from a XAML user control, and then set that image as the app’s live tile. For this example, I’ll update the wide and medium tiles, but you can adapt… Continue Reading →

Windows 10 Preview Developer Tools Now Available

Microsoft have released a preview of the Windows 10 developer SDK so we can all get started learning the new platform!   How to Get It You must be a Windows Insider You must have the Windows 10 Technical Preview… Continue Reading →

Async OnNavigatedTo in WinRT Universal Apps

By default, a page’s OnNavigatedTo() method page is not asynchronous, but you can add the async keyword: protected async override void OnNavigatedTo(NavigationEventArgs e) { navigationHelper.OnNavigatedTo(e); await DoSomethingAsync(); } Now you can start a network data download or readĀ files from disk… Continue Reading →

Unity Scripting Primer Part 3 – Collissions and Triggers

Following on from Part 2, where we looked at the common Unity MonoBehaviour methods like Update() and OnEnable(), in Part 3 we will look at the MonoBehaviour methods that deal with physics collisions. These methods make common physics behaviours easy… Continue Reading →