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Problems Developer Unlocking a Windows Phone

I recently got a new phone (Nokia Lumia 735, which is a surprisingly great device considering its price).


Once I had the phone set up I wanted to start using it as my development device, so I want to Visual Studio to developer unlock it…but it didn’t work. I was getting an error suggesting to checl that the IpOverUsbSvc service was running. It was running, and trying on three separate PCs gave the same error.


Apparently a lot of people have issues unlocking their phones, and there are lots of causes. I found a solution on Iris Classon’s great blog post:

The solution that worked for me was to remove old phones from my account on Dev Center (see Iris’s post for the details). I already had three phones registered, so I couldn’t register this fourth device.

The major problem here is that the error message didn’t help. If the error message was “You already have the maximum number of unlocked devices on your account” I would have been able to fix the problem immediately instead of spending a lot of time trying various troubleshooting steps and wondering if my phone, my PC, or Visual Studio install was to blame.

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