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Windows 10 Preview Developer Tools Now Available

Microsoft have released a preview of the Windows 10 developer SDK so we can all get started learning the new platform!


How to Get It

  • You must be a Windows Insider
  • You must have the Windows 10 Technical Preview (the latest build (10041), is advised)
  • You need the latest Visual Studio CTP (preview) 6
  • You need the Visual Studio Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview.
See the links below for all those goodies. Note that the downloads are quite large.

The Windows 10 Developer Story

Microsoft haven’t discussed the tools and Windows 10 developer story in detail yet (wait for Build 2015 April 29th – May 1st for that), but they shared some exciting info:

  • Windows 10 Universal Apps only require a single project for all platforms (including phone, PC, tablet, Xbox, and more)
  • The new SDK will have much simpler ways to adjust the visual state and detect hardware capabilities
  • Apps can add extra platform-specific capabilities where required
  • The three-project Universal App model is still available optionally.

There are a few caveats too:

  • You can’t currently deploy Windows 10 apps to phones (this will come in a later build, and you can use the supplied Windows 10 phone emulators though)
  • Only a ‘blank app’ template is currently available
  • Some users have reported instability with the tools and Visual Studio preview.


Windows 10 Preview Developer Tools on the Building Apps for Windows blog

Visual Studio Tools for Windows 10 Technical Preview

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